What is this? Who are you?!
Welcome! We’re just a lesbian comic duo busying ourselves transmitting images directly to your sclera. 

No no, I meant what the heck is this comic thing you’re doing?
Ah, that’s more interesting! It’s a webcomic called Sculptors of Flesh! It is a story that follows a young noble woman finding her place in a world where Art is pretty much the central metaphysical concept holding up reality. She gets wrestled away from her position of comfort and privilege as together with her less than qualified subordinates, she accidentally discovers a grand conspiracy to absolve all Mortality of sin and create an afterlife! This is somehow not a good thing. It also features warrior-poet battlenuns.

That’s pretty rad and all, but how can I send you questions – like about character power levels and taxation policies?
Hit us up at the deep, dank corners of social media where we dangle around like little house spiders.  
tumblr: ambientprecision.tumblr.com/
twitter: twitter.com/ABobcut
instagram: instagram.com/sketchboots