“(…) To cast one’s gaze at the unobserved fractal corridors is to freeze their shape and sculpt them in accord of collective memory, connotation and meaning. The architectural exegesis constitutes a reenactment of THE MANDATED SHAPE, now limited by the framework of language- so arbitrary its cage, but so constraining its framework. The medium of language- the crown of blasphemy- is the ontological anchor of finality- as Mortality’s foul understanding of the world limits it so. Speak once of art and doom it final, forever frozen by gaze and tongue and granted a vessel of medium. As sudden as metaphysical space is frozen, so quick reality bleeds from Divinity’s wounds. In cracks, fractures and gaps between, lies the void-space reflection of something beautiful- the alternate current carrying ideology that invalidates our entire beings no matter how hard we strife to forge ourselves alike. This invalidation of the self is the sublimity that architecture uncovers by grace of Causa Sui (…)”