“185 count the graves of The Twinned Cities- each dedicated to one bone, with the central most tomb housing the 22 bones of the skull, though most are yet to be pillaged. The grand catacomb stones are glazed with the carbonized remains of the slaves that build this place. Those less fortunate where cast far beneath the lowest tunnels, their being crushed into dust by the weight of the sorrow above. It terrifies me to the very depths of my soul; that a mother’s love would guide decadence and depravity. So be it then, that nary a word of pity escaped the archbishop’s lips when she murdered the mourning mother. But that irrevocable mourning never died- to this day the profound grief pierces the stones of this place- its specter ever haunting its modern occupants. And so the faintest whispers are heard; the tomb goddess never died and the monolith of mothers stands untoppled.”
-The flaneuse’s guide to The Twinned Cities, chapter 1.