“For all their glory and splendor, The Throneholders are quite insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Their retinues and levies are hungry, weak and their lack of spine is equal to the lack of fat on their bellies. The only reason they hold on to their lands, titles and thrones is because The Concordance of Blessed Shape allows them to. Even at the height of their own power the armies of the nobility would exsanguinate in a matter of petty minutes if The Concordance would go to war with them. No wonder they resent them then, for The Concordance holds them in a golden bejeweled cage- and so the nobility holds on to all leverage they can get; smug attitude, petty contrivances, perverted culture, idiotic annoyances, inferiority complexes- it’s all there, and the discontent only fosters and blooms into decadent pride. Why do you think the Verminlords are rampant as they are? The Concordance could snuff them out, but that would mean allowing the clergy to solve the nobility’s problems- and to them that would be an insult vulgar enough to smother out their Being. We live in dangerous times my friend; I was a butcher once, I know what happens if a gluttonous dog bites its owner’s hand because it fancies itself king.”

-Duthom the Boor, Vice-Commander of the Blue Rose Company