“I understand that the significance of the Wheel-Bearers is lost on many, so I hereby wish to clarify this matter- for it’s most center to Bishop Emlon’s teachings: imagine if you will that The Concordance of Blessed Shape is a carriage that carries Mortality on the road of progress; the carriage wheels then need to be strong enough to withstand all manner of bumps- and be the roadblock too perilous, the wheels need to be used to crush a new way forward. A question I hear more often, however, is how The Wheel-Bearers are capable of wielding giant carriage wheels without any strain. Are they enlightened by Divinity? Transcendent past Mortality? Have they learned the ways of the warrior-poets? The answer, pardon my language, is that they are simply certifiably deranged. They can lift the wheel because they are not taught it’s supposed to be impossible. Such is their training.”
-Lorelai, Beautiful One and closest to bishop Penelope